Photography by Stuart Crisp

AGE: 29

HEIGHT: 162cm (5’4)



BORN: Brisbane

RESIDES: Brisbane


DIVISIONS: “I usually compete in Open Men’s. Height or weight class depend on the federation. I’ve recently received my PNBA Pro Card and competed in my first Pro show this year at the Natural Olympia.”

“I count calories and track macros for most of the year, but I take a break every now and then.”


What are your primary sources of proteins?

Chicken, lean meats, eggs, egg whites. I also like cheese and yogurt but in smaller amounts.

What are your primary sources of carbs?

Rice, potato, sweet potato. Although around this time of year I love sweets like rumballs and cheesecake…  but have to be careful with quantity.

What are your primary sources of fats?

Nuts, seeds, avocado, plus small amount from meats and cheese.

Do you count calories, or track macros?

I count calories and track macros for most of the year, but I take a break every now and then. However, my routine stays pretty stable even when I’m not counting calories so it keeps me in good shape. I like to stay lean all year round.

How high do your off-season calories get? Up to 4,500kcal.

How low do your calories get when prepping? 2,000kcal is about the lowest I’ll go.

“My strength is that I’m well balanced and pretty even all around ….”


What are your favourite exercises? This is a tough question because I love training and so many different exercises, but if I had to pick a few I’d say Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift.

What exercises get you the most “pumped”? Curls, especially if I do them in the squat rack, which my training partner and I do often. We do this on Monday nights since no one seems to use the squat rack on a Monday.

What do you feel is your most impressive part? I’m not sure I have any stand out body parts. My strength is that I’m well balanced and pretty even all around but if I had to pick a few I’d say abs, lats and delts.

And what is your training like? I do a lot of intense core work which is more similar to the kinds of things that gymnasts or circus performers do. Dragon flags, handstand push-ups, braces and holds using core strength, flags, muscle-ups, chin-ups.

What do you feel is your lease impressive body part? I always want bigger calves but who doesn’t? They’re not terrible but could definitely do with some improvement.

What are you doing to improve your calves? I’ve been training them more frequently. Three times per week and training them on their own which seems to be working. I mix up the intensity and volume and keep trying to make them hurt.

“Feeling a great sense of control over my body was not always easy.”


How much fun is it having so much muscle on your body? Having this much muscle is lots of fun. It’s amazing to feel healthy, strong and be able to move things and move my body easily.

How important is it for you to remain a natural athlete? Since I compete in natural bodybuilding, staying natural is the most important thing. I’ve been training with weights for 15 years now and I’ve been natural my whole life. I believe it’s morally wrong to compete with the natural feds if you’re not. I also don’t understand how anyone would feel a sense of personal satisfaction. I’m very intrinsically motivated, so for me I wouldn’t feel the same sense of satisfaction or victory if I got on the gear and won unfairly. However not everyone shares this mindset, and some people are only concerned with the outcome regardless of how it was achieved. In a sport where drugs are so prominent and provide such an advantage, it’s a shame that people do compete in natural feds who aren’t or haven’t been natural. But I still don’t want to go down that road. It’s important to me to stay natural and show that you can still be successful. It keeps me true to myself and I hope that it inspires people.

You seem to have fantastic command over your physique when it comes to posing and body positioning. How did you learn this, or does it just come naturally to you? Feeling a great sense of control over my body was not always easy. After looking back at pictures and videos of me posing as a junior I didn’t look so coordinated and had no stage presence or attitude. I didn’t even smile. It’s something I’ve worked on over the years. Just like anything it takes practice, and lots of it. It’s developing better neuro-muscular coordination specific to how you want to look or feel. It can take lots of time to marry your perceptions of where you think you are positioned in space to where you are actually positioned. Most of this is self-taught but I’ve worked with a few posing coaches and dance coaches to help sharpen things, usually leading into a competition.

“It’s my persistence and attitude which kept me doing it long enough to see improvement.”

Slide46I’ve also watched a lot of videos from the golden age of bodybuilding and my style strongly reflects those. I’d say in general I’ve got pretty good kinaesthetic awareness compared to most people and pick up movement skills reasonably well but it’s taken some time to get to this point. In almost everything I’ve ever done I’ve started out poorly. It’s my persistence and attitude which kept me doing it long enough to see improvement.


2014 Musclemania World Titles Lightweight 7th

2014 PNBA Natural Olympia Pro 6th

2014 INBA Natural Olympia Overall Natural Olympia Open

2014 INBA Australian National Titles Open Class 1 3rd, under 72kg 3rd

2014 Musclemania Australian Titles Lightweight (under 75kg) 1st

2014 INBA Queensland State Titles Open Class 1 1st, Under 72kgs 1st

2012 ANB Australian National Titles Under 70kgs 3rd

2012 INBA Australian National Titles Open Class 1 1st

2012 INBA Queensland State Titles Overall Mr. Queensland Open Class 1 1st, Under 72kg 1st

2012 ANB Queensland State Titles Under 70kg 1st

2008 INBA Brisbane Titles Open 2nd

2007 INBA Australian National Titles Junior 6th

2007 ANB Australian National Titles Junior 3rd

2007 ANB Queensland State Titles Junior 3rd

2007 INBA Queensland State Titles Junior 2nd

2007 WFF Southern Hemisphere Titles Class 4 4th

2007 INBA Brisbane Titles Junior 1st

2006 ANB Queensland State Titles Junior 1st

2006 INBA Queensland State Titles Junior 3rd

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