Richard Gozdecki Photo by FivosPhotography


with 2 x WNBF World champ Richard Gozdecki as described to Gavin Gibson

I briefly caught up with the man at the forefront of British bodybuilding and asked him straight…. how do you build a chest like that??!

Like the rest of my body, I like to hit chest with as much weight as possible and with high volume. I perform everything for chest on incline as it hits the whole of the chest, but focuses more so on the upper pec. The beauty of a chest press is that we can use a compound move, thus, heavy weight to break down the muscle and stimulate muscle growth. It is personal preference whether you use the Bench press, Smith machine or DB’s. I like to use the DB’s as I get a better contraction and it keeps the pressure off my shoulders. Though I do remember a time when all I would do in the gym is bench, so this has to be a great place to start.

Richard Gozdecki Photo by FivosPhotography
Richard Gozdecki
Photo by FivosPhotography

My sessions don’t change from off-season to pre contest. I always try to keep the weight heavy and volume up.

3 x 15 incline press warm up

4 x 12 Incline Press

1 x 12/12 Incline press, drop set

4 x 12/12 Incline fly/Incline press (same weight, no rest)

4 x 15 Pec dec, straight arm.

3 x 10 Heavy Smith machine. (Should be fatigued by now, so use whatever is left in the tank)

2012 WNBF World Championships

My top tip for chest. If you don’t feel a contraction on the compound moves at the start of the workout, use the Pre-exhaust method to fatigue your chest and pump it full of blood before the compound sets. This should ensure your triceps are fresh and your chest is doing all of the work.


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