Natural Gainz Magazine Gym Etiquette Part One: Re-Rack Your Weights!


Chrome dumbbell pile

by ben yosef  editor-in-chief

The occurrence of abandoned weights at gyms is a ubiquitous epidemic the world over. Dumbbells are left on the floor, or even worse, they are hauled to the other side of the gym and left there, hidden from the sight of the next would be user. Or how about dumbbells placed in the wrong slot on the rack?

Then there is the Ultimate Evil. 9 plates per side abandoned on the leg press machine??? I mean, are you effing kidding me? What kind of upstanding gym member would do such a horrendous thing? Leg pressing 9 plates per side (whether you are using good form or not…another topic entirely) comes with a price. And what’s that price? Loading AND unloading all those damn plates.

Dumbbell If the following scenario doesn’t tug on your heartstrings then you are heartless and deserve a proper FLOGGING. ‎Even if you work out at a hardcore gym where tons of heavy lifting meatballs train, you should still consider that not everyone, even at hardcore gyms, is as meaty as you. What about the older lady that is new to the whole “gym thing” trying to get her lift on and decides to hit the leg press today. As she approaches the machine she sees 18 plates, or even 8, or even 4 plates abandoned. Instead of removing your weights for you, which she may not even be physically able to do, she is discouraged and skips that exercise for today.

Congrats punk, you just effed up someone’s gym flow, and maybe even left them with a negative impression of what “the gym” is all about. Your laziness and lack of consideration also has an effect on younger gym goers (both men and women) even if the are actually fit. The bottom line is NO ONE should have to remove even one plate for you. Take them ALL off.

This is the first installment of “Gym Etiquette”. There will be more, so stay tuned.


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