• AGE: 48
  • CHILDREN: Two (daughter, Dakota – 18 son, Kado – 16)
  • STATUS/DIVISIONS: IFPA Pro Figure | NPC Amateur Figure & Physique



Photo by Matt Shepley
Photo by Matt Shepley

My primary sources of protein are whey protein shakes, chicken, egg whites, ground turkey, bison, lean beef, and fish. My carbs come from oatmeal, white and sweet potatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and green beans. I get my fats from peanut butter, egg yolks and olive oil.

I count macros and really have no idea how many calories I take in. I have had a couple different nutrition coaches, currently with Brian Alhstrom, and they all have used the counting of macro system. The system works and I get to make my food choices based on my intake in grams for my protein, carbs, and fat.


“My least impressive body parts are my legs. I have been training them twice a week…”







My favorite exercises are triple threats and sumo deads. I think one of the reasons is those two exercises target my weaknesses. Doing side laterals have to give me one of the best pumps. I also find that leg extensions give my quads a great pump.

I feel my back and abs are my most impressive body parts. When training my back I like to focus on wide grip pull ups, pendlay rows, and iso rows. I train my abs twice a week for 20 minutes. I really find that basic crunches and hanging leg raises target my abs the best. I can really feel and see the results of these two exercises.

My least impressive body parts are my legs. I have been training them twice a week focusing on good form and heavy weights. As a result I am seeing a difference.

Photo by Matt Shepley
Photo by Matt Shepley

My cardio varies as to where I am at in my training. During the off-season I cut back on cardio, but leading up to a competition I generally have to add sessions. I do HIIT that is a combination of track and hill sprints, weather permitting. If the weather keeps me inside my choices are jacobs ladder and the StepMill. They are both great to get your heart rate where you need it to burn fat.


“I have had to figure out a schedule that didn’t interfere or disrupt my kids lives, as they come first.”

Being a champion competitor and single mom can definitely have its challenges. I have had to figure out a schedule that didn’t interfere or disrupt my kids lives, as they come first. Most days I would find myself at the gym between 2:30 am and 3:00 am so that I could go to work and be home when my kids returned from school.







Then on top of that add laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning ,my kid’s activities…ect. Some days get pretty crazy but in the end it all gets done.

“I feel my exercising and clean eating has been a positive influence on my children.”

Photo by Lissa Toncray Marsolek
Photo by Lissa Toncray Marsolek

My kids know the hard work and dedication it takes, not only the workouts but the diet also.

I trained my daughter for the Badger Classic a couple years ago and it really opened her eyes to what is 11involved. She worked hard and won the show. I was a proud momma. My son is very proud of me also. He has asked about training and diet as he races snowmobiles and dirt bikes. In the end I feel my exercising and clean eating has been a positive influence on my children.

Having a natural physique (steroid free) with the amount of muscle I have gets me called a “freak” at times. I have worked hard and made tremendous gains without the help of steroids. It may take 16longer but it is by far the healthier approach, and that is the reason for working out and clean eating, to be healthy.

I just want my kids to know how proud I am to be their mom. Thank you for your support and allowing me to follow my goals as I push you to achieve yours. Love ya both bunches! And as Erin Stern would say….”TRAIN HARD TRAIN SMART!”

“Having a natural physique (steroid free) with the amount of muscle I have gets me called a freak at times.”

Photo by Lissa Toncray Marsolek
Photo by Lissa Toncray Marsolek


2014 NPC Upper Midwest Figure class D 1st

2014 NPC Upper Midwest Over 35 1st

2014 NPC Upper Midwest Over 40 1st

2014 NPC Upper Midwest over 45 1st

2014 NPC Upper Midwest Figure Overall Champion

2013 Yorton Cup Figure Tall  4th

2013 Pro North American Figure 1st

2012 Pro North American Figure 1st

2012 NPC Minnesota State Championships Masters Physique 2nd

2012 NPC Minnesota State Championships Open Physique 3rd

2012 USA Championships Tall Physique 4th

2011 Pro North American Figure 1st

2011 NPC National Championships 5th

2011 NPC California State Over 35 1st

2011 NPC California State Over 40 1st

2011 NPC California State Over 45 1st

2011 NPC California State Open 2nd

2011 Pro Internationals Tall Class 1st

2011 NANBF Mr and Mrs. Natural Minnesota Figure 1st

2010 IFPA Natural Iowa & Central Midwest Masters Pro Cup 1st

2010 IFPA Bluffs Classic Figure 1st

2010 Yorton Cup Figure Tall 3rd

2009  IFPA Bluffs Classic Masters Pro Cup 1st

2009 NANBF Natural Iowa  & Central Midwest Open Figure 1st


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