Photo by Corne Latergan


Age 26

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia


MuscleMania Pro

ANB U90kg



How high do your off-season calories get? Close to the 6,000 calorie mark.”


What are your primary sources of proteins?

I tend to stick to kangaroo but will switch between fish, chicken, and beef also.

What are your primary sources of carbs?

Breakfast is either oats or quinoa and throughout the day I usually stick to rice, as sweet potato tends to bloat me.

What are your primary sources of fats?

Almonds, avocado, coconut oilfish oils.

Do you count calories, or track macros?

I track both. I make sure I’m eating enough calories firstly so I’m not under eating. Then I track my macros and either slowly increase or decrease certain macros depending on the goal.

How high do your off-season calories get?

Close to the 6,000 calorie mark.

How low do your calories get when prepping?

I think the lowest was about 2,400 Calories.



I seem to be well known for my glutes. I pretty much just squat and deadlift” 

Photo by Jeremy Whish
Photo by Jeremy Whish

What are your favorite exercises?

“Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift.”

Picture4What do you feel is your most impressive body part? And, what is your training like for it?

“I’d probably say my lower half and I seem to be well known for my glutes. I pretty much just squat and deadlift a lot and do bits and pieces of accessory work like front squat, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, and Romanian stiff leg deadlifts.”

What do you feel is your least impressive body part? And, what are you doing to improve it?

With Teen Sensation Daveon Hill at the 2013 PNBA Natural Olympia Photo by Eric Lipton

“I’d say my chest. It’s always been a weak point even though sometimes I’ll do training splits where I bench press 3-4 times a week!”

What kind of cardio do you do?

“I pretty much only prescribe HIIT cardio for clients and myself.”

Do you measure your body fat? If so, how low does it drop when prepping?

“I do skin folds and work out my body fat from that. I’ve got myself as low as about 4% body fat.”


“There’s no better feeling than knowing that the results you’ve achieved with your body have all come from pure hard work in the gym, accompanied by healthy natural eating and lifestyle.”


What does a day in the life of a World Champion Bodybuilder look like?

2013 Musclemania Australia Championships
2013 Musclemania
Australia Championships


On a typical day I would wake up early, around 4:30-5am, due to being hungry or needing to go to the bathroom for the fifth time that night (most bodybuilders would understand!). [laughs] Then lay with my fiancé while she slept for awhile, till she woke up or I’d get too hungry.


Head down and make the boys and my breakfast before getting into some work on my laptop for a bit or play around with the boys.


Then head off to the gym where I would train with my fiancé.


After that, I’d start working as a strength coach.


Then head home to prep food for the next day, and do some more work on the laptop.



Then off to bed anywhere between 10pm-12am.

What is the Natural Bodybuilding scene like in Australia?

2013 PNBA Natural Olympia Photo by Eric Lipton
2013 PNBA Natural
Olympia Photo by
Eric Lipton

“Natural bodybuilding in Australia is really big! There are so many world-class physiques and the depth of competitors is very deep! And we have guys like Joel Ramintas and Justin Firgaira who have proven themselves on the world stage time and time again.”

Anything else you would like to add?

“I would really love to thank my family, friends and those that have supported me over my short career in this sport, and my sponsor Gen-Tec Nutrition for supporting me and giving me the best supplements at my fingertips.”


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