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From Ben Yosef | Publisher


There is a dirty little secret within the competition world. To many of us it’s more like a dirty BIG secret. And that secret is the ramped use of illegal performance enhancing drugs within the sport. The primary drug types are steroids and pharmaceutical-grade diuretics. These drugs are being used within every division of competition; from Bikini to Bodybuilding.

My commitment to celebrating and promoting only Natural athletes, contests, and federations is more than just an attempt to keep the playing field level. More importantly it is to protect and promote TRUE health & fitness. Of course, there is no way that anyone except for the user can know for sure if they are natural athletes or not. However, we must do what is in our power to keep things clean. Any federation that does not make a serious attempt (or worse – no attempt at all) to keep their athletes off drugs is, in my eyes, simply unacceptable.


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