In addition to the regular contributors listed below, we also employ a variety of freelance industry experts from around the world.


Ben is the Founder and President of MiBoLife Publishing (Natural Magazine International, Natural Gainz Magazine, Natural Bikini Magazine, Vigorous Magazine & Intensely Beautiful). He is also a the Founder and president of the IPL (International Physique League) and the UPCA (United Physique Competitors Association). Ben is a Lifetime Drug-free Bodybuilder, and the creator of the MD-7 Training System.


Melanie is a wife, mother, teacher and a Professional Natural Bodybuilder. She is currently ranked 2nd at Fitness America World Championships and is actively involved with the Alaskan running and fitness community. Melanie hosts monthly fitness challenges, provides daily motivation via social Media and contributes as a Fitness expert whenever possible.


Paul is a 3-time drug-tested Powerlifting National Champion, 2-time drug-tested World Powerlifting Champion, 3-time World record holder – Chaotic Pro Wrestler. Paul also served his time on the posing dais, winning Mr. Massachusetts, making it all the way to the Jr. Mr. America Finals, and placing top-5 at the NPC Collegiate Nationals. He is also a Personal Trainer, Contest Prep Coach, and Actor.


Jim is the Vice President of the UPCA (United Physique Competitors Association) and a 45-year veteran of the health and fitness industry and the founder of the North American Natural Bodybuilding Association (NANBA) – now NANBF – in 1984. He has been published in dozens of publications including Iron Man and Fitness & Physique.


Bill is lifetime drug-free powerlifter. In 1989, he pulled an over triple bodyweight deadlift of 600lbs at 193lbs bodyweight that ranked 49th in the nation in the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association that year. Bill created the Cyberpump network ( in 1995, one of the oldest training sites on the Internet. Bill has written numerous articles for various publications including HARDGAINER, Powerlifting USA, Monster Muscle, and various web sites.

Jamie Foster | Contributing Editor

Jamie has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and is accredited in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training. She is a Pro bikini and Pro Sportsmodel Competitor as well as a World Cup Champion. She has a passion for self improvement and progress, and her future goals include competing in the IPL (International Physique League) and continuing to motivate others to live healthy lifestyles and strive for fitness success. Jamie is a Fire Captain and a Paramedic, has a four year old daughter and enjoys spending time with her family, boxer dogs and horses.



Jakie is a former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder who loved to create posing routines with dance as well as teach the physiology of exercise and diet. She graduated from ASU in exercise physiology, with a minor in music performance. Along her journey to overcome illness from genetic causes and compounding/multiple misdiagnosis she studied, unearthed and discovered amazing secrets that the body holds for healing and growth. In order to access these secrets, she had to fix damage from medicines, doctors, treatments, vaccines, and anabolic steroid use from the past. She is a single mom, and also helps children and adults with health issues that are “hard to crack.”


Creative and highly accomplished Professional Photographer, Michael Brooks, has an extensive background in developing innovative, unique and appealing images. A second generation shooter, Michael Brooks has a true passion for the human form that transcends the fashion, fitness and commercial genres. As the Director of Photography for MiBoLife Publishing and the International Physique League, Michael Brooks travels across the country shooting top Professional Physique Athletes. Michael Brooks Photography is based out of Madison, WI. and available for bookings world-wide. Check him out online at


Will has been a fitness freak all his life. He is a competitive Bodybuilder and continues to hone his skills as a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. He received a BA in English from Indiana University in 1999 and has published seven novels.

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