Twenty nine year old IFPA Figure Pro // DFAC Figure Pro // NPC Figure Amateur







“…we managed to get to around four hundred grams of carbohydrates…”


In planning my meals I track macros. I prepare my food for the week, through Friday, on Sundays. I think macros tracking allows me to have flexibility but establishes limits for me to follow.

My primary sources of protein are chicken breast, chicken tenderloins, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, ground turkey, salmon, shrimp, beef steak, tuna fish, and egg whites. I also use a protein supplement to assist with making sure I get my full daily protein intake.

My fats are a big thing for me because they control my weight. I am sensitive to fats. My weight fluctuates major with my fat intake. Of course higher fats make me gain and when lowering my fats I drop weight easily.

I have cut butter and most oils from my diet. When I do use oil I use olive oil and it’s measured out by the serving size. Most of my fats come from just my food in general. I really don’t do much added fat. I use mostly fat-free cheese or veggie cheese.







“…body fat WAS FIVE POINT NINE PERCENT…I was actually shocked.”

Carbohydrates come in such a great variety for me. They range from cheerios and pancakes to baked beans, sweet potatoes, cabbage, greens, rice, fries, Pop tarts, frozen yogurt, and popcorn.

Off-season macros are so much higher than in prep. I actually enjoy my off-season. It means more food for me and I am definitely stronger. My calorie intake is much greater. This off-season we managed to get to around 400g of carbohy-drates, 127 grams of protein, and 60 grams of fat, daily. Now during prep I am much lower in numbers, especially since my prep began in March. My carbohydrate intake is 165 grams and my fats are 25 grams, daily. My protein intake has been the same.

I have never been one to really track my body fat but I did get a test done this year. I started my prep in March at 132 lbs. and 15.1% body fat. I recently got my body fat checked before going to Nationals the end of July and my weight was 114.8 and 5.9% body fat. I wasn’t expecting my body fat to be as low as it was so I was actually shocked. I think it will be something in the future that I will be doing so I will know exactly how much I have improved in my lean muscle gain.


My favorite day for training is BACK! There is just something about having a strong and defined back. My favorite exercises for training back are deadlifts, dumbbell rows, lateral pulldowns, pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, and meadow rows.







“Come check me out as I follow my dreams to becoming a World Figure Champion!”

Any day I train my back I feel like a beast! In off-season my back is so strong and I am able to do heavier weight than some guys in the gym. Now that just makes me feel that much better.

If I would say an area that’s lacking, I think I would have to say my quads. The lines are there and they are growing but at the same time I could still definitely use more mass. I recently moved my leg workouts to Monday because by the time I got to legs on Thursday my legs were fatigued. I have noticed a huge difference with my legs and my lines are definitely coming in deeper.


I really dislike cardio! Especially in off-season! But we all need some form of it, right? For a healthy heart. My cardio in off-season was 10 minutes, 5x a week and one 20 minute session. During this prep, and being so deep in, my cardio is now at 30 minutes of HIIT 5x a week and 1hr spilt of 30/30 HIIT and steady state one time a week.


A little extra about me: I am currently serving in the Air Force and have been for 11 years now. I am married to Mark Pough and have been for 5 years. We have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter, Lacey Pough. We are currently stationed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.



I post regularly to IG which is linked to my Facebook page as well. Come check me out as I follow my dreams to becoming a world figure champion! GAINZMAG







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