by Gavin Gibson


Haters Gonna Hate








None of the things you would expect, I assure you. Numbers are rising, athletes are getting bigger, more conditioned… so what’s wrong, I hear you ask?

It’s more noticeable to me, particularly this year, that Natural Bodybuilding is being tarnished from the inside. More natural competitors than ever are on forums and social media shouting “cheat” at anyone who comes in more conditioned and bigger than they do. A loss to a better athlete is often being put down to the same reason… STEROIDS!

We as natural athletes have always faced fierce allegations from those outside the sport, that there is no such thing as “NATURAL” and that everyone uses something; that drug tests and polygraphs don’t work. We’re used to that though, right? We stand united, proud of being natural athletes, right?


These accusations are now coming from within. I have been witnessing it across media formats on regular occasions. Often from the lower tier Pros or Amateurs, but I have seen the best guys in the world having to defend their integrity on public forums.

“…don’t cry on forums about the invalidation of Natural Bodybuilding if it so happens that you don’t win.”

Slander concept.

This slander of athletes AND federations is putting off younger generations coming through or at the very least giving them negative expectations. When they get beaten, guess what… no one is natural!

We as a sport and community need to give constructive criticism to drug tests and polygraphs, also to federations. How can anyone take us seriously when athletes competing week in and week out don’t? More importantly, YOU won’t be taken seriously. How can you expect a good sponsorship deal or to be respected in the industry if this is the case? The self promotion of Natural Bodybuilding and its integrity needs to come from within. From Amateur level to the very top.

Each federation has its own rules to abide by. We can talk about  better drug tests and polygraphs, and the categorization of the athletes. 5-year drug free, 7-year drug free, lifetime drug free are not all the same, therefore we do not all fit in the same category surely.

This said, if you choose to compete in a federation with those particular rules, remember it was you that chose  to

compete there. You weren’t made to. So don’t cry on forums about the invalidation of Natural Bodybuilding if it so happens that you don’t win.

This is a worldwide problem, not just in the UK! I don’t plan on making rants like this every month (unless you like them) but let’s all get our acts together and re-unify Natural Bodybuilding.



Gavin is a five-time Natural Bodybuilding Champion, including U.K. and British titles, INBF World title, and is a WNBF Pro. He owns IRON BODIES GYM in England. He is the founder of the #G70 Training Principle, and is a Personal Trainer, Contest Prep Coach, and most importantly a father of two!

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